Note from the owner

I started Öskubox in my head so many years ago. It was always something I wanted to do as a young little nippa but then as the years passed and I didn’t quite settle in jobs I realised my passion for food, drink and Norse history.

Me as a little girl with cousins – still had faith in rainbows back then!

I am born and raised Icelandic. I will be a Viking in my heart forever but my feet no longer fit the earth and country of Ice and Fire. (For the time being) When I got back recently from Iceland I realised that my heart and soul will always be Nordic but my home is at least for the unforeseeable future in faraway lands such as England!

After all, the Vikings did sail here for better land. Many say for other things as well but when you actually look into their history, it was the love of the land and the opportunity the English soil provided that had the heart of the Vikings. I must admit I follow in those footsteps!

The incredible versatile landscape of England is perfect for most foods, be it the things that grow in it or the animals that live of it.

Most people assume I came to England due to love but I came here solo and since then have left a few times but always returned, and on my last travels I fully knew I wanted to start the O-Box in England (a nickname our coffee supplier South Coast Roast have given us! And it is actually quite funny lol) Yet it wasn’t until I had to face something really scary that truly gave me the push to do it!

It has been a bumpy road, there has been jealousy to the point of me nearly losing the place, there have been lessons learnt along the way, deceptive behaviour, greed that nearly ruined the business as others wanted a slice of something that wasn’t there. Alterations not foreseen, gear failing when we needed it the most, true colours exposed on all accounts, such hard work it nearly crippled me, surgeries and tears but mostly it has been incredible hard work and fun!

Phin’s and Jaz’s leaving drinks in the summer

And that is what I can only sum it up as – Fun. Friendships strengthened and new ones made along the way that have developed to be family like. Regulars that feel to be part of the journey, gifts that have lifted up spirits and laughter that have most definitely resulted in additional laughter lines forever. Awards that have pushed us to want to go even further and so much yummy food!

I love what I do. Yes at times I find it so hard, so incredibly hard but most of all I LOVE it! I love food, I love drink, I love exploring flavours and pushing myself in the kitchen and out of it.

I aim to only do home comfort food. I have friends that are award winning chefs and do the most amazing presentations and can cook up a storm with whatever ingredients! I will never pretend to be them or be like them but I missed and still do miss the home-style cooking of the Nordic’s and if I have learnt anything along the way it is – stick to what you are passionate about and then no one will affect your heart because your passion and drive will carry you through!


So at Öskubox that is what you will find. Passion, independence, quirk, ever changing soups, quiches and specials – just like mamma made it!

We are also partnering up with incredible people in 2017 so watch this space and most of all just enjoy the food out there and say Skál to life! #nordicnosh #bringit #liveit

The Norwegians are invading Oskubox Café in Lymington …

…..well the premium Tea section…..



They are called Tea and the Gang and their premium tea selection is diverse and exciting. Using 100% premium whole leaf tea, their creations have been influenced by Scandinavian / Nordic culture.


With offices in Oslo but being English born this seemed like a beautiful friendship written in the stars. Especially given that Oskubox is a creation from an Icelandic Viking with their HQ in England.


So how did it start?

We were sat on the beach, BBQ-ing when we received a rather fun and teatastic e-mail of Nordic Tea connoisseurs all the way from Norway! They had heard of our Nordic Café in the heart of Lymington. Asked us to sample their delights and if we liked them potentially stock them – Of course we said yes! Free tea after all! Yipptea!
The tea goods arrived and our taste buds were tantalised and enthralled. The teabags were clear and biodegradable, showing off their ingredients beautifully and good for the environment. Playing with our sense of smell in the most delightful way! We were won over.


Our Raven, Herra Rafn, flew the message over and before we knew it a Longboat-load had arrived.

Days of sampling all the teas took place. We didn’t release the tea’s to the public just yet as we wanted them all to ourselves. However on the 25.10.17 09:00hr the day and time came to allow the Tea and the Gang to impress our customers as much as they had impressed us.

So get your Viking legs down to see us at Oskubox café in Lymington and sample these Nordic premium tea selections. #Nordicnosh

Welcome fellow Vikings


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