Here is a sample of our menu and of course there are always ever changing specials and cakes to fight for!

Breakfast Platters

All three platters are served with Organic Volcano treacle bread and Organic Soda Bread. The platters are served typically Nordic style, with a side of either Nordic bean salad or beetroot salad. And of course a boiled egg!

The Thor Platter £9.50

Ham, Smoked meat and Roast Beef. This protein packed platter gives you all the roar you need to tackle your day.

The Ægir Platter £9.50

Smoked Salmon, Pickled Herring and Smoked Mackerel. The Omega 3 oils will strengthen your joints and some even say improve memory – sorry what was that again!? Gives you enough energy to sail to Sweden!

The Freyja Platter £8.50

Avocado, Tomato, Cucumber and the day’s special cheese. Vikings were always conquering new land to grow fresh and nourishing vegetables, so it would be rude not to have a platter dedicated to those adventures.


Porridge with berries and cinnamon £4.00

• Blueberries and banana
• Strawberries and banana

This was, and still is, the most staple breakfast for all Nordic countries! (Minus the berries – we just like them here at Öskubox).


Skyr with berries £4.50

Very low in fat but full of protein! Special Icelandic yogurt! Could this be the secret to Iceland’s success of Strong men.


Toast served with jam and butter £2.50

we had to have something traditional right!

Magni Meatballs – special Nordic family recipe £9.50

These are no ordinary meatballs. Can you taste the secret ingredient…?

This recipe has honestly been passed down from generation to generation. They are made with Local, organic home reared pork and English beef! There would be no Öskubox without these balls!


Party Crust-less Quiche £5.50

Popular social dish with us Scandi’s – Comfortable home cooking at its core. Always made with fresh bread, single and double cream, free range eggs, cheese. Fillings will vary, depending on seasons, moods and what the Ravens bring. Served hot or cold with a side salad.

• Non Vegetarian
• Vegetarian

Smjörbrauð / Smørebrød £6.00

The Danish Open Sandwich – What Nordic food is all about! All served on healthy dark Rye Bread with a side salad.

• Smoked Salmon, with homemade Sweet mustard dill sauce, sliced egg, lettuce and butter
• Mouth watering, homemade pickled Herring, Red onion, sliced egg, lettuce and butter
• Roast Beef with our house mayo, sweet pickled cucumber, dried onion, lettuce, tomato and butter
• Veggie version with a traditional bean and carrot salad, Avocado, tomato, pickled beetroot and butter

Add beetroot for £0.50
Hungry or sharing?
Buy two for £11 or three for £16

Salad of the day:

Modern healthier Nordic Nosh

• Smoked Salmon with homemade Sweet mustard dill sauce, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and Egg £10.50
• Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, berries, Chicken and Bacon £10.50
• A Nordic summer special Berry salad with the House cheese £9.50

Savory Sandwich Cake £6.00

Yes, you read correctly! Savory cake layered with yummy fillings – ask for our filling of the day. Very Nordic & imaginative.

Toastie’s £5.50

• Ham & Cheese
• Meatballs and Cheese
• Asparagus and Goats cheese
• Ham and Pineapple

Naughty bits:

These change regularly but will always be made fresh and to family recipes from around the Nordics! Please see cake corner for today’s offerings.

Get your Nordic on! Don’t be like a cold Cat, be like a hot Dog and have the award winning SS 100% Meat Icelandic Pylsa or share a Marital Bliss Cake!