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What makes it Nordic?

What does Oskubox mean?

It is a play on word for Askur the wooden Viking bowl people of late would eat from , as well as a box full of ash -after all the Icelandic’s didn’t shy away sharing their ash!

What makes it Nordic?

A combination of Scandinavia and Iceland makes up Nordic- Everyday is a school day- hey!

What does the Nordic way involve?

Food and drink is central to social gathering in Scandinavia- just like the Viking days! Hours spent around a table, telling stories and bursting with belly laughter is priceless! As a result, Oskubox was created as a place for all to enjoy and experience the Nordic way on the South Coast with an abundance of food, drinks and decor.


Oskubox is all linked to the Norse Mythologicval Tree Yggdrasil. This is believed to have been an Ash tree.

Everything at Oskubox Towers and Tree house is up cycled and we have breathed life back into unwanted items.

We believe if you honour your body and soul like the tree of life you will have balance and always up for going on a limb to test the limits whilst staying grounded!

[Image of Advice from a tree poster]

Meet the Viking Goddess behind Oskubox

Oddny in her Oskudog outfit

Meet Oddny, the domestic Viking goddess at the heart of Oskubox. Born and raised in Iceland, Oddny moved to the South coast in 2002. Her instant love for Bournemouth’s sparkling seas and sandy beaches could only be overshadowed by one thing: a lack of the authentic Nordic food she enjoyed for so many years back home. There was only one solution; bring the food of the Vikings to the heart of her own community. After a long search for just the right place to house her vision, countless meetings with suppliers to source the freshest ingredients- and more than a little elbow-grease- Oskubox was born! So if you’re ready to experience food the Viking way, brought to you by sea travelers and raven flyers, there’s never been a better time to get your Nordic on and join the Oskubox feast.

Meet the Oskuholics

  • Lars
  • Vikki
  • Alice
  • Jasmine
  • Phin
  • Katla
  • Eloise

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